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Employing idea:

People oriented:

first of all, the most active factor, the most critical, but also through the work at all times, and its

role is primary and decisive.Therefore, do work, do things first from people, take people as the

source, as a fundamental;

Secondly, anything, everything has always divided, so do the work, do things should be clear, seize

the source, seize the fundamental;

Third, the combination of man and nature to achieve the best unity is the magic weapon for our



every worker can give full play to his talent, is an inexhaustible motive force for the survival

and development of enterprises. 

To achieve this goal, from the subjective point of view, each worker must work hard, study hard,

and make progress;Objectively speaking, enterprises must establish a mechanism to cultivate

professional innovation, for employees to build a better play to the platform, the harmonious unity

of the two, is an effective way to greatly stimulate and mining potential employees.